Electric attitude andicator LIFESAVER GYRO

Electric attitude andicator LIFESAVER GYRO
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The only attitude indicator with a selfcontained battery backup, the Lifesaver® provides one hour of emergency attitude reference in the event of power failure. With 7,500 hours MTBF – more than double the competition – it is an exceptional value. TSO approved. Added safety, ease of installation and cost-benefit make this an ideal primary or standby artificial horizon.

Features : 

  • Custom versions available to match existing instrument/EFIS displays

  • Lifesaver® self-contained battery backup features: One hour of emergency power*, Built-in annunciation, Internal emergency lighting

  • A safe alternative to unreliable vacuum systems

  • Single connector installation for primary and optional standby battery models

  • Exceptional Value – 7,500 hours MTBF, more than double the life of most electric gyros

  • Perfect for use as a primary or standby artificial horizon in fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters

  • 10–32 volt DC operation for use in both 14 and 28 volt aircraft

  • Anti-reflective glass enhances visibility and reduces fatigue

  • Field replaceable lighting

  • Approved to FAA TSO-C4c and RTCA/DO-160D certified

  • Qualified to DO-160 for helicopter vibration

  • Designed and built in Wichita, Kansas, USA


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