Caution-warning system CWS300

Caution-warning system CWS300
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This redundant, high-performance digital caution/warning unit integrates visual and audio messaging, and monitors up to 112 discrete aircraft inputs to provide warning, caution and advisory information. High-output LED technology illumination offers exceptional readability under all ambient lighting conditions, yet provides very cool operation.

This unit is ideal for mounting in glare shields or other direct sunlight locations, and display colors and legends can be modified for custom applications. Parametric programming controls input trigger levels, logic levels, debounce times, associated visual and audio messages, master caution/master warning triggers, and much more.

Complex logic capabilities and multiple processors reduce nuisance warnings while enhancing reliability. The RS-232 interface allows for remote diagnostics without removal. (Certification/Compliance: 14 CFR Part 23, RTCA/DO-160D Changes 1, 2 and 3, RTCA/DO-178B, Level C)

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