Altitude management AMS 2000

Altitude management AMS 2000
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AMS 2000 is an Altitude Management and Alert System

Its purpose is to alert you when you are approaching or deviating from your target altitude. Other features include alerts when you reach your Decision Height or Minimum Descent Altitude, and a landing gear reminder when you approach your destination altitude. The AMS 2000 also will calculate density altitude and engine performance. These alerts and calculations help you fly safer and easier.

AMS 2000 does not act as an auto pilot, or control the aircraft in any way. Think of it as an assistant to you, the pilot, which keeps track of minor details and frees you to fly the aircraft.

AMS 2000 receives its altitude information from your encoder, and displays it in 100-foot increments. When connected to a Falcon Altitude Encoder or Converter, AMS 2000 displays altitude in 10 foot increments, and also offers a page displaying Instantaneous Vertical Speed (IVS). IVS display does not have the lag inherent in static system VSI.

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