X-ray screening of air cargo RAPISCAN EAGLE® A10

X-ray screening of air cargo RAPISCAN EAGLE® A10
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Powerful 1 MV X-ray screening of air cargo pallets and containers.

  • Inspect Air Cargo Pallets and Containers

  • Powerful 1 MV X-ray Imaging System

The Rapiscan Eagle A10 delivers powerful, high throughput screening of single or mixed commodity air cargo pallets and containers.

A 1 MV X-ray imaging system - powerful enough to screen pallets and containers for air cargo.

Optional Entrance and exit conveyors can be added to facilitate loading and unloading of containers and pallets. The system is designed to support busy air cargo inspection operations and can also be integrated into an automated air cargo handling system.

The Rapiscan Eagle A10 combines the operational advantages of a compact cabinet system with the inspection capabilities of a self shielded, high-energy X-ray imaging system. The large tunnel size enables the screening of a wide range of cargo types – easily inspects homogeneous and mixed cargo.

The Rapiscan Eagle A10 offers high penetration, best-in-class imaging, robust standard features and advanced options that make it the most powerful, user-friendly and efficient air cargo scanner available.

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