Micro Air Data System

Micro Air Data System
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Modern experiments in fluid mechanics have become increasingly complicated as the demand for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) validation data grows. Test data is now generated from diverse sets of instruments each with their own unique calibration and data processing requirements. Designed for use with multi-hole probes, our micro Air Data System (μADS) has self-contained pressure sensors and onboard real-time data reduction for direct measurements of flow angle, total, and static pressure. The μADS streams data in engineering units to a PC or logs data to onboard memory so there is no need to worry about applying probe calibrations to raw pressure data. Additionally, the μADS can be synchronized with other instruments via an external trigger signal and timestamps are provided with each sample.

It’s time to streamline your experiment with Aeroprobe’s micro Air Data System.

Key Features of the micro Air Data System Include:
- High speed: up to 100 Hz reporting rate

- High accuracy NIST traceable calibrations

- Output in engineering units

- Synchronization trigger and timestamping

- Light weight: < 200 grams

- Small size: 66 x 79 x 33 mm

- Power efficient: < 2 watt

- Optional onboard data storage

- Optional embedded thermocouple for true air temperature measurement

- Optional heated air data probe

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