Enhanced galley

Enhanced galley
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Aircraft galleys are always requested to be designed for efficient usage for the crew members within the limited space in the cabin, with emphasis on functionalities and durability. Most importantly light-weight is a mandatory elements for any aircraft equipment.

Galley manufacturing which involves numerous stringent requirements, has been JAMCO's specialty for over 30 years with emphasis on Weight Saving Technology, design and production system including 3D CAD, an effective production line, and complete dedication to customer support.

Our continuing improvement progress in a methodology of time to time integration of own developed engineering, IT and spirit of innovation, all for the pursuit of complete customer satisfaction, high quality products, shorter lead time, and lower costs. An estimated 30% of all newly manufactured aircraft Galleys are JAMCO products. We have proudly delivered Galleys to more than 100 airlines while receiving numerous honors from the airlines.

Enhanced Galley

JAMCO is the sole supplier of the latest state of the art engineered Galleys for Boeing's newest state of the art aircraft, B787.

Also, we supply major airline's A380 with our creative Enhanced Galleys.

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