VIP & private aircraft interior design

VIP & private aircraft interior design
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AIRCRAFT & YACHT INTERIOR DESIGN (VIP, Business, & Private Aviation)

  • Design creation through design concept and design development phases

  • Creation of color and material variations for customization purposes

  • Presentation of the design in 2D with sketches, plans, detail drawings

  • Presentation of the design in 3D with renderings, walk-throughs, animations

  • Material sampling

  • Custom china & amenities design

  • Flexibility to travel upon request

  • Collaboration with modification center’s team partners such as engineering, marketing and branding department

  • Creation of 3D geometry for visualization purposes and direct data exchange with partners compatible with all industry standard established software

  • Design implementation and realization process with the help of mock-ups (scale or full-scale) and proto-types

  • Problem solving during engineering phase with specialists. Verification of the engineered end result through 3D software tools for final approval

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