Titanium tubes & pipes

Titanium tubes & pipes
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Standard and designation:

Gr1 ,Gr2, Gr3 , Gr9 , Gr11, Gr12, Gr16 and Gr17 according to ASTM B337 ,ASME SB337 , ASMESB338 ,ASTM B338 ,ASTM B86I.

Cold-rolled Tubes and pipes specification:

Outside diameter 10-114mm
Wall thickess 0.5-5.5mm
Length OD 10-15mm 4.000mm max.
OD Over 15mm 12.000mm max.
Finish cold rolled and annealed in vacuum annealing furnace

Extruded pipes specification:

Outside diameter 25-210mm
Wall-thickess 4-30mm
Length: 1000-10000mm

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