Zodiac Aerospace

World leader in aerospace equipment and systems on board commercial, regional and business aircraft as well as helicopters, Zodiac Aerospace is also a key player in air safety.

Based on an internal and external growth strategy, Zodiac Aerospace is continuing its development to ensure constant advances in its businesses. With robust industrial and management processes, Zodiac Aerospace’s technological expertise is based on three core business lines: comfort and life on board aircraft, onboard systems, and safety on the ground and in-flight.

Zodiac Aerospace aims to anticipate and support the needs of its clients by responding to the new challenges of the market. For example, the Group is increasingly involved as a full systems integrator through to certification, enhancing its products and services in various areas, such as:

- Reducing the weight and bulk of onboard equipment and systems to improve aircraft performance
- Developing ergonomic, modular concepts to improve maintenance and productivity
- Expanding its range of after-sales services for airline companies
- Introducing new functions and designs, and comprehensive and integrated cabin solutions that make a real difference in the marketplace and optimize the airlines’ revenues
- Developing new safety systems that contribute to improving the safety of air travel.

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