Yokohama Aerospace

A heritage in the sky

Since 1917 the Yokohama name has stood for excellence in industrial engineering. Through The Yokohama Rubber Company Ltd., we have a long heritage of designing and manufacturing commercial aviation products. We’re an OEM partner for new aircraft programs and a retrofit and spares supplier to most major airline companies.

What we’re known for

Our core business

We manufacture lavatory modules for the Boeing 737 and 757 and potable water tanks for nearly all Boeing commercial models. We also produce composite panels and custom solutions.

Aviation-level quality

At Yokohama, we pride ourselves on building extremely high-quality products that meet the reliability demands and performance expectations of the commercial aviation industry. Our aviation composites factory in Hiratsuka, Japan, has state-of-the-art production facilities and highly advanced quality control equipment. The Yokohama Rubber Company Ltd. is AS9100 and Boeing D6-724877A certified. Yokohama Aerospace has Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) from the FAA and can issue an FAA 8130-3 certificate. We also have a comprehensive research program and continually develop new technologies, processes, and products for aviation applications.

A commitment to customers

Our support staff shares our commitment to quality. We can offer any level of service from supplier to main integrator. Our U.S. Customer Support Center near Seattle is right in Boeing’s back yard—and we’ve been honored twice as Boeing’s Supplier of the Year. We deliver quick turnaround on spares. And we can be on-site or on-line quickly for technical support, installation assistance, or post-installation help.

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