VRR Aviation

About VRR: your aviation transport partner of choice

VRR is a ground-breaking Dutch aviation engineering and manufacturing company that specialises in creating Unit Load Devices (ULDs). Since its founding in 1946, VRR has built up a first-class reputation in translating customers’ logistic requirements into unique products. Whether your air cargo is F1 cars or race horses, perishable goods or express mail, or even a complete aero engine, VRR can produce the right ULD for you.

Our mission

At VRR, we are dedicated to providing global air transport solutions. Our goal is to make transporting cargo by air as practical, smooth and cost-effective as possible. We do this by translating the logistic requirements of customers into Unit Load Devices (ULDs). That means designing, engineering and manufacturing ULDs that are made-to-order, high in quality and best value-for-money.

We like to view ourselves as a company that is true to its roots: we adopt a typical Dutch, no-nonsense mentality to doing business around the world. We want others to see us as a reliable and flexible partner and as a creator of innovative air cargo devices.

We also believe it is important to maintain a friendly, equitable and creative work environment that respects diversity, new ideas and hard work. That includes employing the best engineers and technicians in our field and giving them the time and resources for personal development and for exploring technical opportunities. They enjoy taking on challenges and they simply make things work… or fly.
In short, our mission is to take uncompromised quality to the sky

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