UAV Factory Ltd.

We are a leader of the small fixed wing UAV segment.
UAV Factory Ltd. is one of the world’s leading developers of fixed wing composite airframes, subsystems and accesories for small fixed wing unmanned aircraft industry. Aircrafts based on our airframes and subsystems are delivered to over 47 countries.

We are vertically integrated company.
UAV Factory isn’t your average unmanned airframe development company. Instead of only designing systems, or only researching the technology, or only manufacturing airframes, we’ve chosen to do it all. We believe that by investing in every step of the process — from conception to completion — we can produce a product that features exceptional quality at a competitive price. UAV Factory produces nearly every product and component in house. We oversee the smallest detail of design, and ensure the highest quality in production. In our industry, being a control freak is a good thing.

We deliver technology to the world.
UAV Factory was established in 2009, with a lofty vision...literally. Soon after its founding, the UAV factory was producing unmanned aircraft, pneumatic catapults, onboard generator systems, and portable ground control stations. Word got out. Soon UAV Factory was shipping technology to universities, research agencies, integrator companies, and other organizations. Nearly every leading university with a UAS program owns a Penguin B UAV. Today, UAV Factory’s Penguin B platform is the benchmark for unmanned aerial system research and education.

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