Tupolev PJSC is the largest developer of aircraft engaged in the design, manufacture and testing of aircraft for various purposes, creation and implementation of new technologies for production, maintenance and after-sales service of aircraft, crew training at the training center.

The company is aimed at the preservation and development of scientific and industrial potential of aircraft industry of the Russian Federation, the security and defense of the state, the concentration of intellectual, industrial and financial resources for the implementation of ambitious programs of aircraft development.

Tupolev PPJSC continues the glorious traditions of the design bureau founded in 1922 by the greatest Russian aircraft designer and initiator of the domestic aircraft production - Andrey N. Tupolev.

Over the years of the development design bureau n.a. Andrey N. Tupolev existence it has developed about 300 projects of various types of aircraft, aerosleighs and small aircraft, 90 of that were implemented in test samples and more than 40 were built in series, determining the image of domestic aviation.

Combat aircraft developed by the design bureau became famous worldwide - in the prewar and postwar periods these were bombers TB-1, TB-3, SB, Tu-2, Tu-4 , Tu-16, Tu-22 and Tu-95, and in recent years multimode Tu-22M3, Tu-160 and Tu-95MC, that currently form the basis of the Russian long-range aviation.
In the area of civil aircraft development the design bureau starting from the first passenger jet, has always been a leader in the creation of the long-range aircraft. Tu-114, Tu-124, Tu-134, Tu-154 made the design bureau famous worldwide. The turning point of that time was the creation of the world's first supersonic passenger aircraft - Tu-144.

The design bureau has developed a unique technology of cryogenic fuels usage in aviation - liquefied natural gas and liquid hydrogen that allowed building and testing the world's first test aircraft Tu-155.On the "Tu" branded aircraft has been performed about 280 world records in flight range and capacity.

Currently Tupolev PJSC is the leading Russian company in the design and after-sales service of the medium-range passenger aircraft, heavy strike aircraft of the Air Force and special purpose aviation. Currently the aircraft family Tu-204/214 of various modifications has been put into serial production. The project of deep modernization of Tu-204, Tu-204CM, which incorporate the best technical solutions and advanced technologies are at the production stage. The company is open to a fruitful cooperation with the Russian enterprises and foreign partners. Up to date Tupolev PJSC is a part of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC PJSC), formed in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated February 20, 2006.

The company is headed by Nikolay V. Savitskikh.

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