The Gill Corporation

The Gill Corporation has expanded several times across its headquarters site in El Monte, California. We are located a few miles south of Pasadena, in an area blessed with moderate weather and views of 6,000 foot Mount Wilson and the San Gabriel Mountains.

The vast majority of high performance composite products we develop and manufacture serve the commercial aircraft and aerospace industries. We are world renowned for cargo liner used in air freighters and baggage compartments. Additionally, The Gill floor panels and interior panels are standard OEM and replacement equipment on many aircraft. Our honeycomb products have a wide range of uses in everything from engine nacelles to structural components.

Our products are also used in non-aircraft applications such as motion picture production trailers, where weight is an issue, and in the seat structures of elite sports cars. We have helped strengthen tennis rackets and delivered products for use in spacecraft - including some that now rest on the surface of the Moon.

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