Textron Systems

Through field-proven interoperable command and control, Textron Systems' aircraft have accumulated more than one million flight hours over 25+ years. Our advanced, multi-mission unmanned aircraft enable users to see, understand, and act decisively when time is critical. Our smart weapons afford the user flexible delivery options from a variety of aircraft platforms and multi-mission employment options for land and sea targets.

Textron Systems is a world leader in the design, production and support of light armored combat vehicles. Our land products include four-wheeled armored vehicles for the United States, international militaries and civilian entities, operating in more than 35 countries. Our highly mobile and combat-proven family of armored vehicles is survivable, sustainable and infinitely innovative.

Textron Systems is an international leader for designing, manufacturing and supporting advanced marine craft. For nearly half a century, our wide range of innovative, versatile, multi-mission marine craft have supported the U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard and international customers. Our solutions leverage innovative design techniques and the latest technological advancements to deliver proven capabilities for the most austere environments and demanding missions.

Textron Systems is an industry leader in geospatial analysis and exploitation solutions and services. We provide a comprehensive range of capabilities from high-powered exploitation and mapping for geospatial analysts, to image analysis tools for tactical users. In addition to geospatial tools, we possess decades of experience in materials research, design, development and manufacturing for protection to space structures and re-entry vehicle airframes.

Textron Systems is widely recognized as an industry leader in electronic warfare software, geospatial analysis, multi-source and custom intelligence information and communications solutions. Our solutions are used by U.S. intelligence agencies, unified and combatant commands, armed services and military intelligence centers across dozens of countries.

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