After 65 years in business TEPLOOBMENNIK JSC PDC is rightfully considered in the Russian market one of the recognized leaders in manufacture of aeronautical components.

The company, before called Gromov plant, manufactured items for combat aircrafts during the Second World War. For important contribution during the Second World War the plant received the Order of the Red Star.

The basic company activity is design and manufacture of science-intensive thermal products for aircraft industry. ANY RUSSIAN AIRCRAFT IS EQUIPPED WITH PRODUCTS BEARING TEPLOOBMENNIK LOGO. At present the company develops and produces new systems and units for home-made aircrafts of the fifth generation on the basis of high tech technologies and modernizes existing equipment.

Integrating high scientific potential of development design office specialists with extensive production capabilities and unique test base equipped with state-of-the-art precision facilities, TEPLOOBMENNIK JSC PDC has the opportunity to provide full production cycle of new product creating, starting with specification development to manufacture and testing of prototype and serial production.

The so-called CALS technology or automated design system, which is being implemented in the production cycle, is an integrated application of information technologies at all stages of product life cycle.

Experience, obtained during development and manufacture of aircraft equipment, is successively used in manufacture of heat exchangers of any type, made of stainless steel, aluminium, copper-braze alloys, intercoolers, radiators, hot-air and night heaters.

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