Quest Aircraft

The Quest Vision
The origins of Quest Aircraft Company began in 1998 with the start of Idaho Air Group — the product of co-visionaries Tom Hamilton and David Voetmann. Both men recognized the need for a modern backcountry aircraft designed to meet the extraordinary demands of humanitarian aviation. Along with an early group of visionaries, they put the KODIAK on paper and went out in search of funding.

From Vision To Reality
The company was officially launched in May 2001, and by that summer employed a staff of 14. On October 16, 2002, the 27,000 square foot new Quest facility was officially dedicated and the team moved the production work to its current home at the Sandpoint (ID) Municipal Airport. Work began on the prototype aircraft.

The KODIAK Takes Flight
In 2004, two years later to the day, the first flight of the KODIAK (N490KQ) took place. Within three months, the KODIAK had completed its 50th flight. In March 2007 s/n 001, the first fully conforming production aircraft, made its initial flight and joined the KODIAK prototype in the flight test program.

The KODIAK received FAA Type Certification on May 30 2007, and began customer deliveries in December of that year. KODIAKs are currently in service around the globe with charter operators, corporate operators, personal owners, skydiving operations, governments, and humanitarian organizations.

Soaring To New Heights
Headquartered in Sandpoint, Idaho, the Quest facility has since expanded to over 84,000 square feet. The company continues to grow in other areas as well. In 2011, Quest expanded its worldwide sales network and added strategically-located Authorized Service Centers to better support the growing fleet of KODIAKs in the field.

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