Pilot Communications USA

At Pilot Communications USA, our commitment is to our customer. Our goal is to exceed your expectations in the way our products are designed, perform, and are serviced. Even under the most demanding situations, the way our products perform and the way you’re taken care of as a customer are paramount to our business. Several of our staff are pilots and our company has 30 years of experience in aviation and communications. Should you have contact with our customer service department or with any of our employees, you will clearly see that we go out of our way to answer your questions. We attend a myriad of trade shows each year not only to showcase our aviation headsets and other products, but to talk with you the customer and hear what you require in a headset. Some of our greatest innovations have been based on your inspirations.

We have a wide range of products. They range from a child’s first aviation headset to our ANR headset which was certified by NASA and the Department of Defense for use on the International Space Station. We have an extensive list of aviation headset adapters. Our products are uniquely designed and are unparalleled in the industry while delivering exceptional value.

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