Pacific Aerospace

At Pacific Aerospace Ltd we design and manufacture tough, reliable and easy to maintain aircraft that perform where others can't. Our principles are to manufacture aircraft that are not over engineered and that are optimised for the jobs they do. We do not design our aircraft to be everything to everybody but we know what we do best and are driven to ensure that we "own" our aircraft for their lifetime. We believe our customers' success drives our success.

Located at Hamilton International Airport in New Zealand's North Island, (two hours drive from Auckland), Pacific Aerospace has over 60 years experience designing and manufacturing rugged and reliable aircraft that perform where others can't.

We have manufactured over six hundred aircraft ranging from the CT-4 two seat military, fully aerobatic aircraft trainer to the Fletcher FU-24 and Cresco agricultural aircraft which average up to 17 cycles per hour, to today's P-750 XSTOL which is setting the benchmark in utility, skydiving and aerial survey roles around the world.

The company employs 120 staff and is vertically integrated from the aircraft design and certification, machining and forming of metal and composite components through to the assembly of the aircraft and its systems and test flights.

NZCAA Approved

Part 145 : Maintenance Organisation Certificate

Part 146 : Design Organisation Certificate

Part 148 : Manufacturing Organisation Certificate

Part 19f : Supply Organisation Certificate

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