ORBIT Communication Systems

About – Our Story

With a worldwide customer base and a track record comprising tens of thousands of installations, ORBIT has grown to become a leading player in a very competitive market. We provide customers with diverse technology-driven communication solutions, innovative approach and a commitment to meeting customers’ needs. The secret behind 65 years of success is our ability to evolve in sync with market changes, always being ready to meet new challenges and opportunities as they occur.

As a medium-sized company, ORBIT is more flexible and agile than its larger competitors, allowing us to offer tailored solutions and highly responsive service to customers with different cultural and technical requirements.

Communication Solutions for Air, Sea, Land and Space

ORBIT is a leading global provider of technology based Mission Critical integrated communication solutions. We develop, integrate and install end-to-end turnkey communication solutions and services for air, sea, land and space applications. Based on a customer-centric approach, we offer integrated turnkey solutions for defense, government and commercial organizations.


Our airborne communications solutions include advanced digital Data, Audio & Video management solutions for fixed and rotary wing aircraft. ORBIT’s Satellite Communication solutions deliver broadband connectivity to civilian and military airborne platforms, as well as supporting beyond-the-horizon communications for manned and unmanned (UAS) aerial platforms.

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