NRPL – ATC Surveillance Systems

NRPL, based in Finland, is a manufacturer and supplier of Air Traffic Control equipment. The product line includes S-band PSR Morava 10, MSSR Mode-S M10S, ADS-B/MLAT solutions, transmitters, receivers, radar signal and data processing systems, software products, and services related to radar site design and construction.

Founded in 1992, NRPL has long history of successes and achievements. NRPL has deep knowledge and experience in building of comprehensive ATC systems and integrated solutions from sensors to ATC controller’s working positions.

The distinguishing feature of NRPL philosophy is a customer oriented design and tailor-made products. We offer the most favorable and flexible conditions to our clients at development, delivery, installation, commissioning and maintenance of supplied systems.


NRPL holds an ISO 9001:2008 certificate issued by DNV for design, development, production, sales and aftersales of air traffic control radar systems. All NRPL subcontractors and suppliers have ISO certified quality management systems.


NRPL has wide experience in delivering turn-key surveillance solutions to our customers in United Kingdom, Lithuania, South Korea, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Mozambique, Russia, Armenia, and Cuba. NRPL has numerous PSR, MSSR, ADS-B, and RDPS installations world-wide.

NRPL specializes in radar systems design, signal and data processing, RF devices, control and monitoring, customized software solutions, antenna systems, and hardware.

Design and Manufacturing Capabilities

NRPL as a specialist in sphere of ATC surveillance focuses on development of surveillance solutions for civil and military markets. The company is actively involved in research and development in areas of RF technology, signal and data processing, software including data storage engines, graphic user interfaces, networking and communications, and real-time data visualization. Distinguishing feature of NRPL design team is high efficiency – a combination of the design quality and speed of development.

NRPL supports very high level of product customization, which reflects our tailored approach to customer needs. According to the company policy, for every project NRPL assigns a group of highly qualified designers, which together with a project manager analyze requirements and help customers to find an optimal system design.

Manufacturing, final assembly, factory acceptance and customer training are performed at the factory located in Vantaa, Finland. The factory capacity allows to deliver more than 10 combined PSR and MSSR systems annually.

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