New Hampshire Ball Bearings

New Hampshire Ball Bearings, Inc. (NHBB) is a leading manufacturer of precision bearings and complex bearing assemblies for the aerospace, defense, medical, dental, and high technology markets. NHBB's diverse product mix includes precision miniature and instrument ball bearings, large ball and roller bearings for aircraft engines, and specialized rod end and spherical bearings for diverse aircraft applications. The company operates three manufacturing facilities in the US and employs over 1,500 workers. Founded in Peterborough, NH in 1946, NHBB was purchased in 1985 by the global manufacturing conglomerate, Minebea.

Commercial and Military Aircraft
The global aerospace industry is NHBB's largest market, thus the company's product design and production processes are highly attuned to the needs of aircraft manufacturers and their customers. NHBB's products and solutions are found in nearly every facet of fixed-wing aircraft, including APUs, airframe control systems, avionics, gearboxes, hatches and exits, jet engine systems and components, landing gear assemblies, and radar systems.

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