McCauley Propeller Systems

McCauley has been designing and manufacturing high quality propellers for over 70 years. We have supported general aviation in 4 market segments:

1. Commercial aircraft, regional airlines and operators
2. Corporate aviation
3. General aviation for OEM and kit aircraft
4. Military

The Customer Commitment Continues
Propellers are just part of McCauley's commitment to our customers. We also offer a comprehensive line of propeller supporting products, each designed to the same stringent standards as our propellers. And each built to deliver the kinds of quality and reliability you've come to expect from McCauley.

McCauley governors deliver precision control - in any flight condition. By hydraulically adjusting the blade angles, governors monitor and control engine speed. The result: quick response and greater RPM stability. In addition to governors, McCauley provides other innovative control systems including synchronizers, synchrophasers and accumulators.

De-ice Systems
McCauley electric de-ice systems have a well-deserved reputation for reliability and longevity among personal, business, commercial and military aviators as well as with regional airlines. These effective, efficient systems come with slip-rings, brush-block assemblies, wire harnesses, boots and timers. Alcohol de-ice systems are also available with the same reputation for quality and performance.

Our spinners are more than cosmetic attachments. Of course, they help make any aircraft more attractive: they're available in natural and polished aluminum, matte black finishes, plus composite construction. But, more importantly, they reduce drag by streamlining airflow. That means improved engine cooling and ram-air induction.

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