Marvin Engineering

Marvin Engineering is a small, privately owned business engaged in the development, delivery and support of world leading aerospace and defense equipment. Specializing in Airborne Armament Equipment (AAE) Marvin Engineering is one of the major defense suppliers of ejector racks, missile launchers, aircraft pylons and other associated equipment such as test sets.

A tradition of excellence
We have always been recognized and praised for our dedication to providing a product that excels above all our competition. At Marvin Engineering we are able to design, manufacture and repeatedly produce some of the toughest, most complex machined parts that are used in aerospace equipment today. We always take pride in working closely with our customers at each and every step of the project to ensure that we fully understand their needs and continue to deliver the highest level of quality to our customers.

As we move forward, Marvin Engineering and the Marvin Group of companies continue to team with military and commercial customers to bring on-line a new generation of programs. We are continually investing in the latest manufacturing technology available and believe that manufacturing technology and skilled employees trained in office automation systems and lean manufacturing are necessary in order to aggressively meet our customer’s ever changing requirements.

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