Lightspeed Aviation

Our way of doing business

Entrepreneurial and customer-obsessed, Lightspeed has become a leader in the realm of wearable technology for pilots by operating with a simple strategy: know your customer well and remain committed to relentless product evolution that expands performance to the edge of technological possibilities. This approach allowed Lightspeed to enter the aviation headset market already the innovation leader and allows us to set the standard for what is possible in the categories in which we compete. It's also a big part of why Lightspeed enjoys tremendous brand loyalty and is a company respected around the globe for its expertise and integrity.

Our history

Lightspeed Aviation was launched with a simple mission: to design and build the quietest, most comfortable aviation headsets in the world for the professional or general aviation pilot. With the unveiling of our first product, at the 1996 EAA AirVenture — the K series ANR headset — we set the standard. It was the first aviation headset to use two AA batteries instead of six, the first to include a battery level indicator, and the first to use conformal foam ear seals for increased comfort. The Lightspeed Aviation 20K set the bar for what was possible in aviation headsets.

Setting the standard quickly became a tradition at Lightspeed. After the K series, the XL series introduced Auto Shutoff™; the 3Gs brought wired music and cell phone, along with intercom priority muting and a treble/bass EQ setting. After the 3G, Lightspeed accelerated its quest to better understand pilots and their passions. Along the way, we assembled the critical mass of top engineering talent required to create the first Zulu, a breakthrough in ergonomics, quieting and audio performance, and advanced features like full Bluetooth® integration. Today, our Zulu PFX headset, with its breakthrough personalization features, is staged to become the embodiment of what's possible when a legacy of innovation and commitment to supporting our customers' passions meet.

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