Kavlico Pressure Sensors


For more than 50 years Kavlico Pressure Sensors has been a leading expert in designing, developing, and manufacturing a broad range of precision, pressure, pressure and temperature, fluid level, and specialty sensors. Focused on premium products, and adapting innovative technologies to meet customer needs, Kavlico Pressure Sensors is the reliable solutions provider for the harshest and most demanding applications across the globe.

2015 : Kavlico was acquired by Sensata Technologies


At Kavlico Pressure Sensors, designing and developing pressure sensors for mission critical applications is our focus and specialty. Our strength lies in our ability to apply one of Kavlico's innovative sensing technologies to meet an application specific requirement and provide perfect package expertise to adapt to customer specifications. Kavlico offers multiple pressure sensing technologies including ceramic capacitive, Piezoresistive (PRT), Silicon capacitive, and Thin-Film with an extensive network of development and support functions to design, develop, validate, and manufacture pressure sensors for the most demanding applications.

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