Jeff Bonner Research & Development Company

Jeff Bonner Research & Development Company Inc. was established in 1991 with two employees. We’ve grown strongly and consistently each year since. We proudly service the VVIP, Commercial and Military sectors of the aviation industry, and more. We’re celebrating 25 years in 2016. JBRND is based in San Antonio, Tx. We provide turn-key assemblies with 99% of the processes done in-house. Our professional and talented technicians receive extensive in-depth training. We constantly maintain aggressive programs to ensure quality manufacturing and state-of-the-art procedural upgrades.


We’re often called on to do jobs that no one else has done, or can do. Our VVIP work goes beyond what normal manufacturers offer, into the realm of products that haven’t yet been imagined. Much of the work we do will never be seen by the public.

The work we’ve done for commercial airlines and the business community has built JBRND into a full service manufacturing facility. The services we provide, and the capabilities we have put us at the front of the line for any commercial aircraft work.

Based in San Antonio, Texas, we’re proud to have served our military in the manufacturing and production of custom aircraft projects over the years. We look forward to future projects with military and space transport clients as our capabilities and facilities grow.

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