Japan Aviation Electronics Industry

In 1953, Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd. began with the ambition of becoming a leading manufacturer in the aviation and space industries in Japan.

Since then, we were able to expand and also specialize in designing and manufacturing connectors and gyroscopes.

Always keeping our corporate philosophy “Explore, Create, and Practice” in mind, we were able to successfully establish 3 strong product lines:

Connectors, User Interface Solutions, and Aerospace.

JAE strives to be the number one partner for global customers by staying innovative and creative in an industry where technology is continuously evolving and advancing.

JAE Corporate Philosophy

"Explore, Create, and Practice."
In response to the boundless, changing needs of society, our duties are never-ending exploration and creation.
Business enterprise must essentially be like the earth as it spins and revolves through the boundless universe, in the midst of incessant change.
Exploration and creation are born in an environment of freedom and independence, and raised by relentless quest and actions which vigorously transcend barriers and difficulties.
Practicing this principle and further making contributions to society; this more than anything is the goal of our business, and the source of our development.

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