General information

Open Joint Stock Company Ilyushin Aviation Complex (also referred to as ILYUSHIN) was founded in 1933. The order of USSR People’s Deputy Commissar of Heavy Industry and Head of the Main Directorate of Aviation Industry P.I. Baranov established the Design Bureau for Experimental Light Aircraft and Military Series Engineering at the facilities of V. R. Menzhinsky Plant No.39. Sergei Ilyushin was appointed Head of the Design Bureau. Under his guidance, the Bureau became one of the leading complex aircraft engineering enterprises in USSR and Russia.

Within 80 years, the Bureau developed over 200 various aircraft modifications, and saw 120 going into production. Throughout the Ilyushin Design Bureau existence, production facilities manufactured over 60 000 IL branded airplanes. They feature simple design, high reliability, long lifetime, ease of handling and low maintenance.

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