FreeFlight Systems

FreeFlight Systems designs, manufactures and supports avionics systems that improve the safety, efficiency and affordability of flying. We specialize in technologies and solutions that bring the benefits of the NextGen airspace transformation to all segments of aviation. We are known for the quality and reliability of our products, the flexibility and compatibility of our solutions and our commitment to long-term service and support.

Our modular and scalable products can be used as stand-alone devices or as fully integrated avionics systems. This enables us to serve a diverse worldwide customer base in light general aviation, business aviation, commercial airlines and the military with solutions for airplanes, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles and airport surface vehicles.

Product reliability and customer service are at the core of our company’s mission, reputation and day-to-day business. Our products are designed and manufactured in America to rigorous quality standards. We support open technology standards to maximize affordability, compatibility with existing systems and upgradability as technologies advance. We also offer long-term product support, including for our legacy products that have been in continuous active service for nearly 50 years.

Our industry leadership includes a history of significant “firsts." We are the first company to:

- Certify an airborne WAAS/SBAS GPS receiver;
- Certify a rule-compliant ADS-B Universal Access Transceiver (UAT);
- Gain Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) installation approvals for a certified ADS-B UAT, and;
- Receive FAA approval for an ADS-B UAT for airport ground vehicles.

Our goal is to make flying safer and more efficient with the highest-quality, longest-lasting and most affordable products and solutions available.

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