Florida Aeronautics

Florida Aeronautics Inc. is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of aircraft ground support equipment (GSE). We specialize in hydraulic, pneumatic, and oleo-pneumatic systems intended to service all types of civil, commercial and military aircraft. Florida Aeronautics pioneered many of the maintenance equipment technologies used throughout the aviation industry.

The company was originally founded in Cannes, France in 1974 as Société d’Etudes et de Fabrications Aéronautiques (SEFA). Under SEFA, we began designing various air/hydraulic tool kits, helicopter skis, ground handling wheels, among other components, all of which have been endorsed by Eurocopter Marignane, ATR and Dassault. We continue to perform extensive research and analysis on our products to ensure continued excellence, and we maintain very competitive pricing for such advanced technology. Our headquarters moved to the United States in 1996 in order to provide faster, more affordable service to our global clients and partners.

Most importantly, Florida Aeronautics is able to customize maintenance units to your specific requirements, and we provide satisfactory warranty coverage and technical support on all of our products. Our products allow you to service your aircrafts thoroughly, resulting in their long lasting and satisfactory performance, and we continue to supply spares and repair components from our former S.E.F.A. tool kits and skis.

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