World leading multi-rotor manufacturer with 18 years' experience.

World renowned with dozens of industry firsts, the team at Draganfly bring a wide range of experience and expertise to the table meaning that, with our many years of sUAS experience we can immediately add value to your project, your business, your team or to each and every individual we do business with.

Superior quality and passion for design will exceed your expectations.

Our Draganfly systems are 100% designed by our team including all hardware, electronic systems design, and software. And it doesn't stop there. The systems are handmade in North America and each system is burned in, calibrated, and flight tested before packing and shipping.

And what's the value of being an original manufacturer? Very simply we have control over the product quality, we've written every line of code, and our technical team is intimately familiar with the systems allowing us to consistently provide high quality systems and professional systems support.

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