Diehl Aerosystems

Over 3,000 employees with a love of aviation

Diehl Aerosystems is one of five corporate divisions in the Diehl Group, a German family-run enterprise with business fields in several industries and a workforce of more than 13,000 employees worldwide. All aviation activities within the Group are consolidated under the auspices of Diehl Aerosystems. With its four business units, Diehl Aerospace, Diehl Aircabin, Diehl Comfort Modules, and Diehl Service Modules, Diehl Aerosystems comprises a broad and proficient network of enthusiastic aviation experts.

Diehl Aerosystems and the Diehl Aircabin business unit are based in Laupheim in the state of Baden-Württemberg. Of the corporate division's over 3,700 employees, around 1,300 each are employed at Diehl Aerospace and 1,700 at Diehl Aircabin. The Diehl Comfort Modules business unit currently employs some 500 staff, and at least 200 work at Diehl Service Modules. Diehl Aerosystems generates an annual turnover of more than €800 million.

The business unit Diehl Aerospace is a joint venture between Thales and Diehl. As a company, Thales holds 49% of this business unit.

Diehl Aerosystems is a first-tier supplier for avionics and cabin integration, and is an important partner for the international aviation industry. Its customers include major aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus, Boeing, Eurocopter, and Embraer, as well as manufacturers of military programs such as the Tornado, Eurofighter, and A400M.

The integrated product spectrum of Diehl Aerosystem comprises a variety of avionics systems and cabin elements. Diehl Aircabin's product portfolio embraces high-quality synthetic components and cabin fittings for commercial aircraft, including overhead baggage bins, rest rooms for the crew, and parts for the air ducting. The Diehl Aerospace business unit provides both avionics solutions as well as cabin lighting and cabin electronics. Diehl Comfort Modules develops and manufactures on-board toilets and washrooms. The Diehl Service Modules business unit rounds off the joint aviation portfolio with galleys for passenger aircraft and VIP jets.

With a wide range of customer support services relating to maintenance and repairs, Diehl Aerosystems provides the essential quality of service required by day-to-day flight operations around the globe.

Diehl Aerosystems' latest addition is retrofitting – comprehensive solution packages for aircraft converting. In the future, construction kits for replacing cabin fittings and extensive upgrading measures for avionics equipment will be available.

The Diehl Aerosystems corporate division has several development and production sites in Frankfurt, Hamburg, at its headquarters in Laupheim, as well as in Nuremberg, Überlingen, and Rostock. With the customer service facilities in Toulouse (France) for Europe and Asia, Sterrett (Alabama, USA) for North and South America, as well as Singapore (managed by its partner, Satair) for the Asia-Pacific region, Diehl Aerosystems has a truly global presence.

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