Czech Sport Aircraft

In recent years, we have observed the evolution of several new companies adding to the engineering and production capability and almost 80 years of aviation pedigree provided by the historical design, development and production that has taken place in the city of Kunovice. As such, Czech Sport Aircraft formally entered the market in 2009.

Czech Sport Aircraft currently holds both Production Organisation Approval and Design Organisation Approval from the European Aviation Safety Association (EASA). Today, the company’s technological excellence and dedication to innovation, makes Czech Sport Aircraft a leader in the Light Sport Aircraft segment of the General Aviation market. Czech Sport Aircraft is focused on the research, design, development and production of Light Sport Aircraft for basic and advanced flight training, basic military pilot training, general recreational use and air tourism.

Due to our state-of-the-art products offering the highest standards of safety, superior performance, ease of maintenance and low through-life operating costs, Czech Sport Aircraft has quickly positioned itself amongst the market leaders within the Light Sport Aircraft segment of the General Aviation market

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