Cobra Systems

Created in 2002, Cobra Systems is a manufacturer of American made products for pitot-static equipment across all segments of the aviation industry.

Cobra Systems products have been used around the world on Commercial, Military, Business, Corporate and General aircraft. Recognised for their constant support to customers from private avionics shops, the US Government, foreign markets, and large companies including Boeing, FedEx and Bombardier, working closely with OEMs and major airlines in providing them with the best tooling to fit their testing needs. By using innovative technology and superior parts, Cobra Systems produces the highest quality equipment available in the United States.

In 2018 Cobra Systems became an ATEQ Aviation brand, leading ATEQ Aviation to become a one stop shop supplier to offer a complete pitot-static adapter and air data test sets solution.

Cobra Systems is a passionate industry leader providing its customers the highest service and support they deserve. We employ the highest level of sales, production, engineering, CAD and technicians.

Proving its commitment to maintain the highest quality standards and conformity among ATEQ organisation to satisfy customers and partners, ATEQ & Cobra Aviation Inc premises recently got ISO 9001 certified.

Cobra Systems is trusted by various aviation organizations including NBAA, RAA, AMC, CABAA, HAI, AEA.

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