Celeste Industries Corporation is a global specialty chemical company focused on the development of value added cleaning and odor control products serving a range of diverse end markets including aviation, bus, rail, cruise, janitorial and healthcare. By combining our own expertise in cleaning chemicals and applications technology with state of the art materials, Celeste is able to quickly develop complete system solutions for difficult cleaning and odor control tasks.

Our leadership is built on a foundation of commitment to our customers. Working hand-in-hand with customers, Celeste is able to understand unique performance drivers and rapidly design, develop and commercialize solutions to meet those needs.

- Safety - Our first and most important priority; each and every day.

- The Environment - With a commitment to safe and environmentally friendly products, we are dedicated to providing the best water-based products with the highest efficacy.

- Our Employees - Combining an entrepreneurial spirit with a culture of individual support that allows each employee to reach their potential.

- Teamwork - Using a foundation of robust business processes, we leverage our individual areas of expertise to achieve high performance team goals.

- Total Quality - We are committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of our products, services and business processes.

Business Ethics - Fair, honest and consistent

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