Aerospace Cooling Solutions

Aerospace Cooling Solutions was founded on five key principals: Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Cost, and Supply Chain Management. We have recognized, through our industry partners, the limited options for high reliability, highly engineered, and cost-effective cooling fans.

Our design team has years of experience designing, testing, and building fans and air-moving products for NASA. Our manufacturing partners use only high quality materials and processes to build long-life fans that comply with the environmental requirements of Mil-STD-810C.

Our fans are priced competitively enough to fit your application needs and save you approximately 20-30% in price compared to our competitors. We are able to offer you shorter lead times because of our unique distribution partnership. Our distributor carries enough units on stock to meet market demand in a timely manner and is able to deliver our product faster than the industry standard.

What does a shorter lead time mean for you?

- Faster delivery of your product
- Lessen the impact of cancelled orders
- Reduce the need to make forecasts about future demand
- Improved quality management by reducing the opportunity for products to be damaged
- Decrease disruption of your production due to engineering changes/modifications

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