Aeros Corporation

Igor Pasternak, CEO and chief engineer, founded Worldwide Aeros Corp. (Aeros) 25 years ago fueled by a dream to resurrect an aircraft category that once had huge potential. Pasternak turned that dream into what Aeros has become today, America’s most innovative FAA-certified lighter-than-air (LTA) manufacturing company. Aeros products are used globally for military and commercial applications. They include the non-rigid Aeros 40D Sky Dragon airship, advanced tethered aerostatic systems and portable communications and surveillance towers.

Aeros’ team is leading a historic development in aviation. The Aeroscraft is Aeros’ most recent and exciting development. This innovative cargo airship will reinvent air cargo transport. After several organizations failed to deliver lighter-than-air hybrid cargo airships on their NASA and DARPA contracts, Aeros came through and delivered the Aeroscraft. The applications for the Aeroscraft are endless. From delivering supplies for disaster relief, to picking fresh fruit in the fields of California’s central valley for overnight delivery to a table at New York City’s most chic restaurant. There is no doubt that someday the Aeroscraft will revolutionize the modern day cruise and people will dine, sleep and cruise the sky in spacious comfort.

The diverse staff of more than 100 employees does complete in-house research, development, production, flight, and operation of Aeros branded advanced technology air vehicles. Aeros celebrates creativity and forward thinkers. Aeros occupies a corporate office in Los Angeles, as well as a historic 500,000 square –foot assembly flight test facility hangar in Tustin, CA.

Aeros is a company of amazing people working in one of the most exciting industries in the world. When considering our many accomplishments – from designing and building the world’s first cargo airship to being the only lighter-than-air company to deliver on our DOD and DARPA contract – one might think we would be content with how far we’ve come. But a company of our vision doesn’t succeed by resting on its laurels. We are constantly re-examining our capabilities and processes to ensure that our company is as strong and vital as our passion for aviation innovation.

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