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AeroLEDs™ landing and navigational lighting products are designed for some of the most extreme operating conditions on the planet.
With the focus on efficiency, reliability and natural lighting, the company has introduced revolutionary landing and navigational lighting products that produce far better results than traditional lighting systems.

AeroLEDs™ introduced the world’s first LED‐based Nav/Strobe lighting product that meets TSOs C30C and C96a‐C2. The PULSAR line was designed from a “clean sheet,” utilizing advanced mechanical/electrical computer modeling and optical ray‐tracing software to accurately predict the performance of the final product. The design addressed the shortcoming of the existing line of competitive products which includes: zero maintenance, reduced power consumption by 80%, no harmful substances such as Xenon or mercury, extended light performance, lighter weight, reduced Aero‐dynamic drag and is a direct retro‐fit when replacing legacy products with no mounting modifications.

All AeroLEDs™ landing lights have built‐in Wig/Wag that is designed to stand alone or be synchronous with any of AeroLEDs™ other landing light products. AeroLEDs™ landing lights are also designed to last longer than traditional legacy lighting and are protected against overheating with a built‐in production circuit to include lightning transients and ESD, voltage spikes, reverse voltage and under voltage conditions.

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