Surveillance radar ELM-2022 A-H-U

Surveillance radar ELM-2022 A-H-U
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The ELM-2022A (Aircraft), ELM-2022H (Helicopter) and ELM-2022U (UAV) are a family of X-Band multimode airborne maritime surveillance radars designed for different airborne platform.
The radars incorporate advanced technology and features derived from extensive operational experience of the ELM-2022 radar.
The ELM-2022A/H/U radars provide a cost-effective force-multiplier solution for operational missions in the maritime theater, such as:

  • Maritime Surveillance and EEZ Patrol

  • Maritime Law Enforcement and Fishery Patrol

  • Search and Rescue Location and Support

  • Air-to-Air Surveillance

  • Air-to-Ground (SAR and GMTI) Intelligence, Reconaissance and Surveillance (ISR) Missions

The ELM-2022 radars operate as a true all-weather, day and night sensor capable of penetrating clouds, rain, smoke, smog, fog and man-made camouflage.
Modular hardware, flexible interfaces and antenna design, enable the ELM-2022 radars to be installed on a wide range of fixed-wing and rotary-wing, manned and unmanned aircraft.


  • Long-range maritime surveillance, up to 200 nm (large targets up to horizon)

  • Detection of small targets in adverse sea conditions

  • Automatic tracking of all detected targets

  • Range profile, ISAR and CSAR classification modes, with automatic classification to class (ISAR library)

  • Strip and spot Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imaging and GMTI as ISR support for ground operation

  • Navigation and weather mode

  • Integrated IFF/AIS system

  • Advanced Ground Radar Operation Station (GROS) – ELM-2022U radar only

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