Aicraft Electronic Altimeter with Remote Input – AD30

Aicraft Electronic Altimeter with Remote Input – AD30

This THOMMEN AIR DATA DISPLAY (REPEATER) AD30 displays altitude received from an external air data source, while having an altitude alerter integrated.

The air data parameters are transmitted via the configurable ARINC 429 interface data bus with two ARINC 429 transmit and two receive channels with which the baro setting can be adjusted also.

The baro setting knob has a push-to-reset function. The corrected altitude is displayed on a high contrast LCD in digital format and by a stepper motor driven pointer.

It is designed to be modular and therefore very easy to maintain thanks to the RS232 maintenance interface. Its power supply is designed for 28 VDC. The low power consumption of less than 8 Watts and its low weight of only 2.3 lbs (1050 grams) have been optimized for applications in state-of-the-art avionics. The extensive Built-In-Test guarantees safe operation.

The THOMMEN AD30 Air Data Display can be configured for different applications and displays altitude in feet or meters, all without altering the system architecture.

It precisely exceeds FAA Technical Standard Order (TSO) and accuracy requirements.

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