AVLight X – Multipurpose Aviation Flashlight

AVLight X – Multipurpose Aviation Flashlight

THOMMEN introduces the most tough and reliable AVLight X – Multipurpose Aviation Flashlight. Aluminium, high-end, LED all-purpose Flashlights with 28 VDC docking station for installation into aircraft. Have your easy access for mundane duties while doing pre-flight checks or while supporting a quick airplane evacuation during emergencies.The AVLight X has been designed for use in several applications such as: cabin & cockpit, emergency situations, pre-flight checks and tactical missions.

This aircraft flashlight suits your needs.

AVLight X have been tailored to the demands while being carefully developed in cooperation with aircrew and cabin crew worldwide.

The Flashlights environmental conditions and test procedures is RTCA/DO-160G, the latest version for testing of airborne equipment. The AVLight X is IP67 certified.

Flashlight Size:
Length: 8.559” (220mm)
Width: 2.577” (65.5mm)
Height: 2.303” (53mm)

Flashlight Weight: 0.8 lb. (365g) excluding docking station.

Batteries: Multi-cell low self-discharge (LSD) Ni-MH battery pack, rechargeable (included).

Temperature: Their operational temperature reaches from -45°C to +70°C and they are waterproof, durable & rugged. THOMMEN’s features provide safe operation in all tactical environments, even when wearing gloves or in water.

Available in 2 different mode lighting:

White,  NVIS Green, Aviation Red
White, NVIS Green, Infrared

Available in four mission related profile colors:

Anodized Black, Powder Coated Grey, Powder Coated NATO-Green, Powder Coated SAR Yellow.

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