Aircraft Emergency Cabin Flashlights

Aircraft Emergency Cabin Flashlights

THOMMEN introduces the most tough and reliable, HEAVY DUTY EMERGENCY / CABIN FLASH LIGHTS. Aluminium, high-end LED Flashlights with 28 VDC docking station for installation into aircraft. Have your easy access for mundane duties while doing pre-flight checks or while supporting a quick airplane evacuation during emergencies.

They have been tailored to the demands while being carefully developed in cooperation with aircrew and cabin crew worldwide.

The Flashlights’ Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures is RTCA/DO-160G, the Latest Version for Testing of Airborne Equipment and they are certified IP68.

Our Flash Lights are the most compact focusable, all-purpose lights. Available in triple mode lighting: White, Red and NVIS Green. The design allows rotating the focusing from 0…100% dimming. Their operational temperature reaches from -20°C to +50°C and they are waterproof, durable & rugged. THOMMEN’s features provide safe operation in all tactical environments, even when wearing gloves or in water.

Optionally the Flashlights are accessible as Mission Equipment with high intensity Infrared function.

They are available in four mission related profile colours. 

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